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Snow Ending Two #1
                               Your POV:
The distant barks of a dog woke me. As I went to stretch I found hands in front of my face. Wait!? Hands? Shrieking I jump backwards, happy to see that I have clothes on. Am I human?! Can I? Am I?
"W.....what?" My voice is hoarse and unused. I felt a twitch on my head, a bird? Gilbird? The pesky animal that I had almost eaten the other day? "Gil.......bir....d. Why.....are....y...ou...h...ere?"
Chirping he flew to the window, I stumbled after him. There they were, my Masters and my momma! Don't come to this man's house! No turn away! But it was to late, and as I ran for the exit of the room the doorbell rang.
"One moment!" The sickly sweet voice of the British man rang out through the house.
A few muffled hellos and a come in was exchanged between the men. As they sat down somewhere in the house I tripped and fell. Damn these legs! How do they work!? I needed my mast
:iconpastaragazza:PASTARagazza 17 12
Snow ending #1 P1 (This time in the right place!)

Your point of view:
A distant barking awoke me, I felt like lead and couldn'y move. That milky white substance had been to blame. I wish I could just go back home, but even there it would be a hassel for I would have to choose a favorite owner as to avoid arguments like the last.
"'Ello what can I do for you?" A Brittish voice called from a short distance.
"Yes, um, you see........" A very familiar voice rang out close by.
"We're looking for our cat, s/he is (H/C) and has long/short hairs. And these smart, round (E/C) eyes. Have you seen her/him by any chance?" Another voice, this one rather monotonous, it was also very familiar.
'They're here!' My brain is telling me to meow and go to them, but my instincts say to wait a bit.
"Why yes, I have seen her/him! I just brought her/him inside!" So that was the man with blue eyes!
"Thank you, may we come in?" Tino, I would know that voice anywhere.
"Yes! Yes! Do come in!" 
I pairs six pair
:iconpastaragazza:PASTARagazza 26 7
Nordics x Cat!Reader Snow P4

(So, a lot of you guys said you wanted a romantic relationship with one of these awesome boys! ;D I planned on making them anyway, just wanted opinions! So, yes, there will be romantic ending to this. And, if you wish to stay a cat non-romantic endings! (Y/F/F) means your favorite food.....Just so ya know!)
Your pov:
I ran as fast as my legs could carry me, my claws digging into the icy pathways and streets of (T/N). I couldn't bear that house any longer, not after what I had done. I was most likely not wanted after my actions, just like I was never wanted by the kids, families, or happy couples that passed the lonely box. The pads of my paws were scratched by the pavement on the roads, but even through the stinging I ran. I passed house after house, tree after tree, work place after work place, and soon ended up at the little street corner that had harbored my box and younger self. But I didn't stop there, no
:iconpastaragazza:PASTARagazza 53 11
Monsters Under My Bed! (Austria X Reader)

Okay! So this one is also a story I have on my wattpad! I thought about it, and some of the one-shots I've done deserve to be here! xD I plus you guys need something to read while I work on the Snow series! Please enjoy!
You've always thought that Austria was a self-centered, stuck-up, and careless brat. Like a prissy, little girl wearing a white dress in the middle of a pigsty yelling about how disgusting and smelly it was. And it absolutely, without a doubt, made you hate the man even more.
Now, Austria's opinion of you was quite similar, but with one difference. He's always thought that you were self-centered, careless, and the girl in the pigsty. But he also found you as a beautiful lady. Even so, he still had a great sense of dislike towards you.
Oh, and just to be clear, neither of the opinions of each other are valid. It's just how you view each other. Well.....Austria is k
:iconpastaragazza:PASTARagazza 24 6
Blood Cherry (Germany x Reader)

I'll probably post this on Wattpad too, so don't worry if you find it there! Also, this was based on a really vivid dream I had a bit ago. Enjoy! It's also a song fic! And in case you get confuddled, this is in 3rd person and I refer to you as the girl, her, or (Y/N).
Hey brother~ There's an endless road to rediscover~ Hey sister~ Know, the water's sweet but blood is thicker~
Ludwig never knew that meeting the (H/C) haired girl was going to change his life in the best way possible.When he saw her for the first time she was struggling to ride a beautiful, cherry bay. The horse was beautiful, but so was the girl, he wouldn't lie. So, he decided to walk over to her, to offer her something, advice, help?
Oh, If the sky comes falling down~ For you, There's nothing in this world I wouldn't do~
He, being the kind yet strict person he was, offered th
:iconpastaragazza:PASTARagazza 18 17
Switzerland x Reader Cheese and Guns

Cheese & Guns
(This is my contest entry for ChangeOHearts101! Hope you ALL enjoy!)
You sat under the tall apple tree in your friend's backyard, talking and laughing with her over a nice picnic lunch. Who was your friend? Why, your friend was the joyful, little Lilly! Or Liechtenstein, which you formally knew her as when dealing with world meetings or trades and exports. But right now both your bosses had given you time off because of their own problems, leaving you both with free time to hang out. Which simply began with her calling you and asking if you wanted to have a girls' day, seeing as her brother Vash, or Switzerland, was out for the day. She never told you what he was doing though, which she usually did. So, you had just added that to your list of odd things and moved on to get all your needed things for this girls' day. And Lilly had always told you the time Vash would be coming ba
:iconpastaragazza:PASTARagazza 28 33
Princess Rosalina x Friend!Reader Friendly Fire

This was a request from Heavier-Lobster.....Please enjoy! I couldn't come up with anything else for the title. XD Also, I'm not sure wether or not to allow requests....BUT ANYWAY! :D
    Sorry this was late! I'll also get to work on more snow!
You stand next to your friend smiling like an idiot, covered in oil and soot. Your friend, Princess Rosalina, was also covered in said substances but it seemed she was less dirty than you. Currently you were working as a team to build(Read: Fix) a cannon, which was going fine. You were grinning like a wolf, why? Because this was your first time working on a really big, cosmic cannon that shot the rider up into the galaxy to explore the cosmos, yes, you had worked on cannons before just not these. You see, you loved to work with machines or anything that you could build and pull apart. You had bec
:iconpastaragazza:PASTARagazza 4 5
Nordics x Cat!Reader Snow P3

(Okay! So really quick here guys, I wanna ask you if you would like a romantic relationship between one of the Nordics. I know that sounds weird, cat x human romantically doesn't fit, does it? But I AM the AUTHOR, you never know what I may write. KOLKOLKOLKOLKOLKOLKOLKOLKOL! If you do want a romantic relationship, you will not be a cat...I find my ways, I'll write a different ending. That way one will be non-romantic and the other will be romantic. It will be like a main story line that splits into two endings! And yes, you have aged in this one. You are older but not quite fully grown. I also use their country names and human names, so don't get confused!)
It had been five months since you had lived with the Nordics, learning to deal with them and their weird relationship habits along the way. The Nordics also knew you were more intelligent and independant that most cats. You seemed so much more human, your emotions shined
:iconpastaragazza:PASTARagazza 56 54
Nordics x Kitten!Reader Snow P2

Your p.o.v
I lapped at the warm milk that had been placed in front of me. I had already eaten the fish that I had been given and now my current objective was to drink ever drop of milk possible. My vision was still blurry, making it hard to analize the humans. So I went for voice and attitude. As the last of the milk was swept into my mouth by my tongue, and my vision had become better, I let out a satisfied mew out from my throat.
But instead of the kind, gentle human a white dog answered my call of "Hey! I'm done! I'm full!". I narrowed my eyes in suspicion, pulling up my lips to show my teeth, and lowering my ears backward. Th dog took my actions as I sign that I found it scary, which led it to back up.
It lowered it's legs so it's butt was in the air, it began wagging it's tail, and it let it's tongue lop outside it's mouth.
'She won't hurt me. She's showing signs of un-theartening behavior. I can trust her.'
I let
:iconpastaragazza:PASTARagazza 66 25
Nordics x Kitten!Reader Snow P1

Nordics' p.o.v/3rd person w/ the Nordics

"Berwald!!! BERWALD!!!" Tino came screaming into the living room, where the the other Scandinavian countries once watched the news peacefully(Not counting the many strangled sounds coming from the Dane XD).
"Wh't is it m' w'ife?" Berwald, also known as Sweden, got up from his place on the armchair. He had a mad expression upon his face as he looked towards his "wife".
"I CAN'T FIND HANA! ANYWHERE!" Tino looked so sad and confused. Berwald found his distress quite cute and amusing, but he kept his stoic face all the same.
As soon as the word anywhere flew out of Tino's mouth everyone became alarmed. Hana was never the type of dog to wander far from the house, so the fact that Finland couldn't find her in the premisis was shocking. To make matters worse for them, like they would ever need matters worse, the snow had begun to fall. And as the group had seen on the television, not to long ago,
:iconpastaragazza:PASTARagazza 82 36
Nordics x Kitten!Reader Snow (Prologue)

So, I'll probably write better stuff than this in the future......But here I am! I have no idea how I came up with this, my mind is so......well, so, creative! Please enjoy! XD (I'll be using Hallow's Eve rather than Halloween, only 'cause I think it sounds better! I also made this for both genders of readers! ;D))
The box was left on the corner, it's side pressed against the small brick cafe. The leaves of autum ,just turning from their golden-yellow hue to their lovely pumpkin orange, fell on the streets and sidewalks. The small town of (T/N) was busy at this time, for it was only a few days till Hallow's Eve. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, was out shopping for late decorations or trying to snag the last of the avalible pumpkins. And that left the box to sit there, shifting slightly every hour, yet unnoticed by the eyes of the passerby. Only twice had someone
:iconpastaragazza:PASTARagazza 129 46
Daybreak (Freisian) by PASTARagazza Daybreak (Freisian) :iconpastaragazza:PASTARagazza 0 0


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I've been gone for far to long, my lovelies! As of right now, I can say I'll be on DA much more often. Not only that, but I'm revamping the Nordics series I wrote, and obviously continuing to write other stuff. 

Oh, also, please check out my other DA! Here's the link:



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